Group 5
Names: Maria Colom, Adriana Grau and Maria Vallet
Captain: Maria Colom
As a result of the Doodle we have decided to spend four days in Queenstown two days travelling then another four in Auckland then two days in Pahia (Bay of Islands) and three days in Kerikeri (Northland) and on the last day we will fly to Group 6 1st destination
We plan to visit some other cities and interesting places such as volcanoes and beaches that are nearby the places we will visit or go to.

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external image NEWZEALAND.gifexternal image map_of_new-zealand.jpgexternal image New%20Zealand%20aerial-resized-600.jpg
Basic Info for understanding the Wiki
NZ=New Zealand.
We will be visiting it in Winter (Summer here is Winter there)
And the Maori tribe were the 1st inhabitants of the island before the British arrived.

In less than a thousand years, these islands have produced two new people: the Polynesian Maori that were originally from there and European New Zealanders ,who came from England, that's why they speak English.
New Zealand shares some of its history with the rest of Polynesia.

New Zealand's currency is the NZD the New Zealand Dollar before the 1960's it used to be the pound sterling, 1 NZD is 0,634318717 €
external image New_Zealand_dollar_coins_May_2011.jpg
New Zealand has a mild temperatures. Christchurch is the driest, and Auckland the wettest, receiving almost twice that amount of rain.
Violent crime is not common in NZ. Auckland is considered the 'crime capital' of the country, but it's very safe by most international city standards
Theft, of cars, is a MAJOR problem around NZ, and TOURISTS are viewed as easy marks. Avoid leaving valuables in vehicles, no matter where it's parked; the worst places are tourist parking areas. If they must be left behind, pack them out of sight in the boot of the car, but we must carry our passport with us, just in case.
NZ's sand-flies are very annoying. So we must use lots of insect repellent around lakes and water.
The island's roads are mainly safe, but we may find many sheep just standing there, it can get really annoying!
Tap water is safe to drink so that's what we are going to be doing.

It looks like a small town, but it uses the energy of a small city, it has great tourist facilities we are sure to find huge crowds everywhere.
When the first Pakeha (White person) arrived there it was all deserted (1850's)even if there are evidence of people ther before.Someone found some peaces of gold in the banks of Shotover River in 1862 since then Queenstown is considered a mining town.It It was declared "fit for Queen" by the NZ goverment since Queenstown was born.Then lake Wakatipu was the principal mean of transport.By 1900 the gold had made the population rise but it wasn't until 1950 that Queenstown became a popular holiday destination.
Day 1 29th August
We will be staying in Novotel Queenstown Lakeside because it is very near the sea and at the same time the city centre.100 € per night.We arrived yesterday night so today is going to be a relaxing day ,we are basicly staying at the hotel and wandering around the city.We will spend time umpacking and getting ready for tomorrows activity.Meals at the hotel 20€
TOTAL DAY :20€(food)
Day 2, 30th August
We will be leaving the hotel at 8.30 in the morning having had breakfast in Eichtard's house bar that is one minute away from the hotel. Then we will be going kayaking from the hotel until the centre is a 10 minute walk and from the centre until the coast it is another 10 minute walk .We will be doing the 1/2 a day trip it starts at 9. am and we will be going from QUEENSTOWN BAY TO SUNSHINE BAY and back with lots of nice views and having fun is warrantied it costs 47 euros per person ,but as we are such a large group we get half price each so it will be 23.5 € each. We will be finishing around 15.00 we must bring a picnic with us and have it on the beach after the excursion. At 5 o'clock we will go back to the hotel and get out of are swimming costumes to go to the city centre there we will go shopping in O'Conell's Shopping Centre Queenstown biggest shopping area you can find everything there from clothes to food and best of all it is only two minutes away on foot.We will be heading back home around 10 o'clock having had dinner in a Mac Donnalds that is only four minutes away from the hotel.6.50 NZD the menu (4.14 €)
external image E4B1C820-C0B8-B7E4-43599AAC80A620BC.jpg
external image 13592.jpgexternal image PQT10096.jpg
We have spent:
-In food= 39'21€
-In activities =23.5
-in hotel=100€
TOTAL DAY: 174.64€

Day 3, 31st August
We will be going on the Kiwi circlethis service allows passengers to get on and off the bus whenever they want to see the things they like it also comes with a friendly driver that will be our guide the it costs 25 NZD that is 15.83€ .You can choose what theeme you would like to visit and we have chosen to see New Zelands national symbol the kiwi bird. The kiwi is bird of the size of a chicken and it can only be found in New Zealand. We willl be going to the Kiwi Birdlife Park which will show us the birds natural habitat ,what it eats...
The bus will collect us at 9.50 in the morning at the hotel.We will be back at the hotel at 5 in the afternoon lunch will be included for 10 NZD more (6.33 €)
And why is the kiwifruit called kiwi? It's because nobody new much about New Zealand before so the "created a fruit" and gave it the name of the bird because the Kiwi's (animal) feathers are the same colour as the fruit. And another interesting fact is that the people that come from new Zealand can also be called kiwi.

We have spent:
-In activities= 15.83€
-In food=6.33€
-In hotel= 100€
TOTAL DAY:122.16€
external image 300px-Apteryx_mantelli_-Rotorua%2C_North_Island%2C_New_Zealand-8a.jpgexternal image nz_kiwi-1.jpgexternal image new-zealand-facts-kiwi-bird-new-zealand-flag.jpg

Day 4, 1st September
Today we have planned to go to Dunedin to vivit Cadburys chocolate factory that is very famous.We have found a train that will bring us to Dunedin for 138 NZD that are
87.37 € it takes 3 hours and 40 minutes to arrive so we must leave at 8 o'clock to be there at 11.40 am.
Dunedin is also known for its railway station and like we are travelling by train we will be able to visit i.It is popular because it is the best-known building in the southern half of New Zealand.

So from the railway to the factory is 5 minutes on foot.Once there we will be taking a tour around the factory we have chosen the full tour that lasts 75 minutes.It Starts at 12.00 and ends at 13.15 pm They will explain us the history of chocolate,how Cadbury makes their chocolate,where do they sell it....We will be taken all around the factory and at the end we will be able to taste it!This tour costs 13 NZD that are 8.23 €.
We are going to have to rush back to the train station and catch a bus for 49 NZD that are 31 € that leaves at 1.55 pm and gets us there at 6.15 in the evening, the journey lasts 4hrs 20minutes.We wil eat at the hotel.

external image 800px-Dunedin_Railway_Station.jpg
external image final-3.jpgexternal image Cadbury-Tour_013-4.jpg

We have spent:
-In transport: 180.37€
-In activities: 8,23€
-total food:15€.
-in hotel:100€
-TOTAL DAY= 298.30

- IN FOOD:60.33
- IN ACTIVITIES:(70'5 +47'49+24'69)=142'68€
- IN HOTELS:(100+100+100+100)=400€
- IN TRANSPORT:180'37€
-TOTAL DAYS: 782.54

Day 5, 2nd September
Today is the grand day , we travel from Queenstown to Auckland , more than 24 hrs away so we have decided to split the journey up.Here is our plan:
We will fly with "Air New Zealand" from Queenston at to Christchurch for an hour then buy souvenirs and have breakfast at the airport.Then catch a plain to Blenheim at 13.30 and lands at 14.20.That in total is 218 NZD that are 138.26 €
Christchurch is 30 km to the south of the capital...It is called Christchurch because the Anglican Church wanted to make a "Jerusalem " there.
Flight_queenstown_blenheim.jpgexternal image ChristchurchCathedral%255B1%255D.jpg

Then we will catch a bus to Picton from Blenheim at 08.50 PM for 30 €.There we will have to catch the ferry across the sea for 45 € to Wellington in 3 hours an 10 minutes we will be arriving there at 1:00 in the morning where we will have lunch. But we won't be staying the night there because we are going to go to the railway station and we will have dinner there, we will buy some sandwiches and go to the train station. Rest there during the night so will that we can sleep more like the bus station is just beside it.
Wellington is the capital of New Zealand it is in the south of the North Island.Even if it is the Capital it is the second most important city in NZ.It was explored in the 10th century by captain Kupe.But then in 1840 a group of colonos camped at the bottom of a river .There were always floods and it was named after the duke of wellington afterwards because of the water there.This city is used to suffer of earthcuakes.It has an oceanic climate that means that it is humid and warm.An other interesting fact is that Russel Crowe the actor of Gladiator, is from there.
Picton to Wellington Ferry
fri 02 sept 2012
10:25 p.m. arahura ferry (3:10 hrs)
adult (1)
Fare basis:

Total Cost:
72 NZD , 45 €
external image Russell_Crowe_nosologeeks.jpg
We have spent:
-In travels:(138'26+45+30)=226'26€
-in food:18€
TOTAL DAY: 248'26€

Day 6 ,3 September
Today after a long journey we were hoping to sleep in, but the only bus that will take us to Rotorua leaves at 7.45 am it costs 65 NZD 3 persons, 41 € .But once there we will stop and visit the volcanic area that it is famous for.Rotorua is the volcanic thermal area of New Zealand.At 1:30 we will have lunch and at 9:30 we will have dinner.
The Maori revered this place, naming one of the most spectacular springs Wai-O_Tapu (Sacred Waters)
Rotorua is one of the most tourist spots on the North Island.
The grandson of the tribe explored much of the island forest, naming geographical features as he discovered them. The name Rotorua , second lake, because it was the 2nd one that he came along.
Service Details

Fully Refundable
Departure Time
Arrival time

  • || IC7002 ||
  • IC7002

07:45 AM
02:50 PM – Rotorua
7hrs 5mins
We have chosen to go for a guided walk orguinized by "Waimangu"(It will take us there and back to the train station)through the volcanic area of Rotorua for 11 NZd that are 7 € .We have chosen the Easy Walking tour ;They are easy walks, mainly downhill, We will see Echo Crater, and Frying Pan Lake, the world's largest hot water spring. The mysterious and dramatic Inferno Crater and its beautiful blue hot lake will take our breath away. We will see rare and unusual thermal plants.Its an hour excursion so we will be at the train station at 5 o'clock.

external image Waimangu-Easy-Walking-Waimangu-Volcanic-Valley-Ltd-Rotorua.jpegexternal image Waimangu-Experience-Half-Day-Guided-Tour-Waimangu-Volcanic-Valley-Ltd-Rotorua.jpegexternal image Waimangu-Easy-Walking-Waimangu-Volcanic-Valley-Ltd-Rotorua.jpegexternal image waimangu-logo-sml.gif

Then we we will catch the 5 o'clock bus to Auckland it will leave us there at 08.10 pm (journey lasts 3hrs and 10 minutes).We will go directly to the hotel after a long day travelling.
We have spent:
-In transport: 41€
-In activities: 7€

- TRAVELS:301'26€
-TOTAL DAYS: 562'26€
Many people consider Aucland the capital even though it is Wllington because of its bigger size.It is one is the resource of enregy comming from water and antural resources.It is known as the city of sails because its harbour is full of boats and yachts.
Day 7 , 4 Sept.
We are staying for 31 € in Auckland called Juicy Hotel it is in the city centre so it will be near our activities.
Today we will be visiting all Auckland all day for 40 NZ$ that are 25 € the most important monuments on the AUCKLAND EXPLORER BUSSo the bus collects us every hour from the hotel atus at 11 o'clock and the tour will finish at 5 o'clock in the afternoon.
1.First stop is Sky city we will stop there 45 minutes,it is the tallest man-made structure in New Zealand and has breathtaking views for up to 80 kilometres in every direction.
2.Then we willl see Wynyard Quarter ,a very important fish market and a tram museum at the same time for 50 minutes..
3.We will drive through Amerca's cup Viaduct Harbour.
4.Then we will get off the bus for a short walk to "Mission Bay Beach"known for it's golden beaches for 40 minutes
5.We are going to go to Kelly Tarlton's Antarctic Encounter with underwater world.It's like a aquarium with all the creatures that you can find in the New Zealand coast but also like a museum with real life looking plastic animals that help us see how the animals are phisicly.
6.Then we will go to the Parnell Rose Gardens for 50 minutes.It is a lovely park where you can walk, sunbathe,read rest eat and even get married in we wont be doing the last one (we don't think) but we will have time off and we will have our lunch there.
7.Then we will visit the Holy Trinity Cathedral,.It is a beautifull Anglican church with stunning stained glass windows and cosy lookin wooden interiors, just so that you can see for yourself we have found this virtual tour.
8.Then we will visit the Auckland museum for 1 hour;The Museum is located in the city’s oldest and most popular park — the Auckland Domain .There are three expansive levels that tell the story of New Zealand's history, from the loss and suffering of war to how it is in the present.
9.Then we will be stopping at Parnell village ;New Zealand's oldest town is famous for its galleries, cafés, restaurants and charming boutique-style stores. Parnell's shopping centre is known for its unhurried shopping style where you're sure to find something quite also has beautiful parks and remarkable historic buildings.
10.We will be changing bus and going to Eden Garden for 40 minutes a big park with waterfalls ,flowers ,birds and spectacular views.
11.Mt Eden.Is Aucklands Highest point
12 We will drive pas Eden Park.Where The 2011 Worls Cup Rugby Final was played.Beacuse New Zealand have a very important Rugby tema that has been palying for a long time that are called the "all blacks" They are known for their black uniforms and for their introducing hym :a very agrssive "song " they dance and sing to that it supposingly frightens the other team.
13.St.Lukes westfield shopping centre:A very big shopping mallwith all the best brands.
14.Then we will be visiting is the Auckland zoo it has New Zealand's largest collection of animals and is recognised as one of the best zoos in the world. A winner of national and international environmental awards, it is home to 138 different species and over 860 animals.
15.Civic theatre will be our last stop and will leave us at the hotel at 5 o'clock.
1.external image sky_tower.jpg2.external image tram442.jpg3.external image section-photos-auckland-lg.jpg4.external image 1.1267376362.mission-bay.jpg
5.external image image_0.jpg6.external image bparnellrose.jpg7.external image auckland_cathedral_2.jpg
8.external image museum1-highres-425Kb.jpg9.external image preview.jpg10.external image 5352771511_4b3478a97d.jpg
11.external image mt-eden1.jpg12.external image FNB-Stadium-Soweto.jpg13.external image Westfield_St_Lukes_Centre_St_Lukes_Road.jpg
14.external image auckland_zoo_map_600x422.jpg15.external image civic-theatre160.jpg

Then in the evening we will go on a whale and dolphin safari.We will be seeing over 22 different species of dolphins we will be going at 6.00 pm before it gets to dark it costs 75 NZ$, 47€ .It is a bit expensive but its worth it!
external image 520_ECD9CF614BC442D9.jpgexternal image dolphin-discoveries-explore-nz-1746_og.u1279499662.jpgexternal image power_large.jpg?634478887721930000
in activities:(25,26,47)=98€
in hotels:31€
in transport:25€

Day 8 , 5 Sept
Today we will be doing a cultural and historic tour around the outskirts of Auckland but the best part is that we will be going by quad.This service is perfect because the tour lasts for 5 hours and it comes with refreshments and will be wearing safety helmets all the time that we will have a guide at all times that will show us everything that we need to know of how to ride the Quads.We have to be there at 8.30 and its 15 minutes away so we sill have to rise early.Like it "te Kohanga" (where the activity is) is a lost city in the middle of nowhere we will have to catch a taxi there.The activity costs 160 NZD that are 100 euro more or less.So we will have a tiring day so we will go straight home .

external image tourmap_5hour.gifexternal image cooptaxilogo.pngexternal image 1138_auckland-quad-biking-6jpg.jpg
We have spent:
-In activities= 100€
-in food:23€(at the excursion)
TOTAL: 123€

Day 9 ,6 Sept
Today we will be visiting museums first we will visit the Aucland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki. .we will be going from the hotel walkingf because it takes 10 minutes .It has over 15000 pieces of art to see we will be there at 10 o'clock we will stay there for 2 hours it has modern and contemporany art.Then we will go by bus(it takes 25 minutes) to the Auckland War Memorial Museum there we will learn what Auckland looked like 70 years ago who were their presidents how did they die.. theese are all of the questions that will be answered!Then we will return to the hotel around 4.We will have lunch at the hotel for 20 NZD 12 €.
We have spent:
-In food= 12€ = 12€
-in activities:16.05€
in transport:5€
external image Auckland+War+Memorial+Museum+pic.jpgexternal image Auckland-Art-Gallery_New-Zealand_cultural_museum_entrance_20120208161225.jpgexternal image 2+kumera.jpg
Day 10, 7Sept
Today we’re going to Stardome Observatory & Planetarium. Stardome is one of the Auckland region’s most popular and best loved attractions. Stardome is special and you learnt lots of things.We will be amazed!We will see the stars and learn about constellations
The price is of 75 NZD$ that are 48 € We will go from the hotel to the SOP with the 327 bus at 9.30 in the morning We’ll take 30 minutes .Then we we are going t go to Pahia the most important Island in the " Bay of Island ".
external image resized_f24371c0d140612d4bc2cb524ce158aa.pngexternal image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSUF9wR_c9-m0JRv9oGosoqlKyXezR1IUARP_4ifDIV4_MDsz_46VtOa6hB
To go to Pahia it takes 3 hours and 45 minutes.So we will arrive there at 07.44

Auckland Pahia


  1. NL7326
04:00 PM
07:44 PM – Paihia
3hrs 44mins

-IN FOOD: (19+5+13+10+36)=83e
-IN ACTIVITIES:(25+26+47+300+16'05+48)=462'05€
In hotel 124 €
Total Days :694 .43€

Is the main tourist town in the Bay of Islands the origin of the name Paihia .When William arrived in the Bay of Islands he knew only a little of the Maori vocabulary, one of the words he did now being “pai” meaning good
Day 11,8 Sept
We are going to stay in Aloha Seaview Resort Motel it is 700 metres from the beach and 1 km from the city centre it has Wifi and it costs 157 NZD 100 € per person because we booked it with lots of time.So today we will go on a very well priced cycling tour (22 €) with Twin Coast Cycle Trail the pick up is going to be at 9am in Paihia, and we will return at 2.30pm.They will pick us up in Paihia and take us to Kaikohe, where they wil fit us out with bike and helmet drop us off at the start of the trail and pick us up at the end. We set the pace.It is a 20 km trail ,it is 2 to 3 hours of riding .It is on a gentle and smooth surface so it is easy to do.It has lovely scenes.
It includes
  • A range of cycle sizes available.
  • All cycles supplied with helmets and security locks.
  • Cycles with children's seats available.
  • Route suggestions given to suit individual abilities.
  • All mountain bikes have front suspension.
  • All cycles are 21 speed.
external image 14386.jpgexternal image 14390.jpgexternal image 3c9705a4f7867912d0df06549394b10c61137d31.jpg

Day 12 ,9Sept
Today we will be doing the activity that it is famous for; Surfing.With "Surfaris Surf Tours" it costs 70 NZD 54 € per person for 2 hours.Like none of us really know how to surf we will be taking the begginers lesson. The lesson sarts at 13.00 PM in the afternoon but we will have to arrive there 15 minutes before because we have to try on the wetsuits an they have to find a suitable surfboard for all of us.This surfing club is known for there excellent teachers because they make their pupils have fun at the same time that they are learning the basics for surfing.But the best part is that they will choose the best beach in which we will surf deppending on the weather conditions.We must bring: Sun cream, sun glasses, towel and a bottle of water.So it will end arroun 15. pm
external image Kima-surf-camp-2.jpgexternal image el-salvador-surf-camp-elzonte-max.jpgexternal image 8fcd0a8b3deb05476e95a649b0fc0016.jpg
Then we will have to go to our last destination Keri-keri,at 5 o'clockwe will leave the hotel to go to the bus station at Maritime Building, Adjacent Wharf it is 5 km away from the hotel so we cannot go walking so we will go by taxi the fare is of 4 NZD per km that will be 20 NZD in total (12.71 €)
Price Departure Arrival Total time

05:20 PM
05:40 PM – Kerikeri
0hrs 20mins

external image 3049_967D95747E49485.jpg
external image manz-logo.gif

We will arrive in Kerikeri at twenty to six we will go to the Abilene Motel that costs 65 NZD (41 €) it includeseverything that we need like bed covers ,microwave, hair-dryer television heating internet acces and many more things.
Activities:(22+54)=76 €
F ood:50€ (Eat every day in the hotel special offer)
Travel (to kerkeri) :12 €

The Kerikeri is where Maori welcomed missionaries in 1819 to establish a Church Mission Settlement. This established theframework for New Zealand's bi-cultural society. Kerikeri is both a beautifulplace in theBay of Islands, and New Zealand's most historicsite of nationalimportance.


Winter: June to September (when we are going):As a winterdestination Kerikerioffersmorethanyoumightthink – apart frombeing so muchwarmerthanthe rest of the country, it’s a wonderfulplace to explore and experienceanytime of theyear. a littlecooler.​​

New Zealand's oldest standing European building.

The Northland town of Kerikeri has a long, colourful history. The area was home ground for the fearsome Maori chief HongiHika, who terrorised many tribes oft the North Island in the early 1800s. Yet he was kind to missionaries - allowing Samuel Marsden to establish New Zealand's second mission station here.

The Kerikeri Mission Station, also known as Kemp House, is New Zealand’s oldest standing European building.

Day 13 , 10Sept
Today we will visit the rainbow waterfalls , they are 27 metres high it is the ideal place for picnic and swimming but we wont be swimming because remember there it will be Winter, the best thing is that is free and it only a 15 minute walk from the hotel we will bring a picnic that we will by on the way there (local shop).

external image p11755dn.jpgexternal image image05%2BMillaa%2BMillaa%2BWaterfall%2BAustralia.jpg
Then the we will go and relax on Opito Beach ,it is very near Kerikeri and there are toilets and the water is cristal clear.Then we will return to the hotel.
external image feature_opito_bay.jpg?1241564629external image 426394B.jpg

Day 14 ,11Sept
Today we will be visiting New Zealands oldest building it is called the Kerikeri Mission House (Kemp House).It was built in 1821-1822 by the London-based Church Missionary Society(Anglican), the mission under the protection of Hongi Hika, the most influential Māori leader in the Bay of Islands.Part of this two-storey building once served as library for New Zealand's first Anglican bishop, later, it became an store. Today, it is a general store and the top floor is a small museum.We will be visiting this museum and buy some souvenirs.
Then in the evening we will visit Pete's Pioneer & Transport Museum it is vehicle museum run by one of the locals of the town where 98% of the staff are volunteers.One wing is currently dedicated to classic cars.The second wing veteran cars. An upstairs area houses the Barry Crump collection (a New Zealand icon) period clothing and a small theatre showing past events relating to transport.
They serve traditional "breakfasts " all throug the day so that is what we are going o have for lunch.20 NZD (12 €)
external image 800px-Mission_House_at_Kerikeri.jpgexternal image 1.1242316440.our-typical-breakfast.jpgexternal image vintage-classic-cars.jpg

Day 15,12Sept
Today is our last day in Kerikeri so we are just going o visit the oldest trading house in New Zealand now it is considered a national icon, the Stone Store was built in 1832-36 from volcanic rock and burnt mortar(cement and lime). Today, it still functions as a store selling specialist merchandise including iron pots from South Africa like those that would have been sold in the 19th Century, Hudson Bay blankets and old style sweets , as well as old English padlocks and American cut nails. All goods for sale have been carefully selected for authenticity, and profits go to the Stone Store.Filming and photography is permitted in the Kerikeri Mission Station buildings (Kerkeri Mission House and Stone Store) and the grounds.Then we will have to go to the hotel to pack and be ready to leve the next morning to the airport.
external image p19511pc.jpgexternal image the-stone-store-kerikeri.jpg
Day 16,13 Sept
The airport is one hour away walking but we wont be able to do it because we would have to do it with our suit cases so we are going to catch a Taxi it costs 14 NZD pero Km and as it is 6 km aya it will cost 84 NZD that are 53 €
We have found the cheapest flight to the next group's destination we will arrive there at half five it takes so long because it stops somewhere and we will have to wait some hours in the plane. it costs 311 NZd (108 €)THEN FROM Sidney WE WILL FLY TO Tasmania(Hobart) for only 104 a$ (83 €) in total 191 €
$311 Total cost
LeaveWed, Feb 2911:35 AMKerikeriKKE5:30 PMSydneySYD1 stop7hr 55mintotal time
external image NZ-1.gif
external image NZ-1.gif
external image air-nz-logo.jpg
external image air-nz-logo.jpg

Depart By
Arrival lauceston airport
Price From
external image spacer.gif
external image spacer.gif

external image DJ.png
external image DJ.png

Virgin Australia
13Sept 2012 -
31 Dec 2012
22.21 min
One Way
inc tax
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HOTEL :41*3=123 €
Activities :---
Transport:523 €(airplanes+taxis)


HOTELS: 847 € (400+124+200+123)




When in Rome do as the Romans do is very good saying because with this project we have learnt that it is better to follow the own culture of each country and learning about it before going there because like this it is a lot less work finding activities suiting their eating habits like for example if we wanted to do an activity and have lunch at three o'clock it would be impossible beacuse we wouldn't find any restaurants open....The bad side of following this saying is that at the start it may seem strange waking up so early and going to sleep so early but at the end it is a lot easier to organise the plans.Also it is hard with the food.And most of all we have learned that organizing trips isn't as easy as it looks.

Adri was in charge of hotels, prices ,bills and transport

Maria Vallet was in charge of culture and history

Maria Colom was in charge of organising activities.

(Mercedes the colours in the Wiki don't mean anything it is just to make it easier to understand)

Girls our trip is going to be to New Zealand in Australasia!.
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